AEGIS Guild History


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    AEGIS Guild History

    Post  Ravix on Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:05 pm

    AEGIS has all ways been proud of the way that it was formed; in the heat of battle.

    It all started with a Guild called TXF (talus expeditionary force) which was based out of Talus on SWG. TXF was a small guild at first, but it eventually grew. With every passing day, TXF became more and more a powerhouse of Imperial PvPers, and soon it would be known as the most powerful guild on AHAZI.

    When the CU hit, TXF had most of the prominent PvPing imperials join its ranks. We helped the jedi grind, and gained respect from the whole server. When there was PvP, TXF was the first to respond, it took less than 30 seconds to traverse the server and enter the heated battles that TXF felt to be their home. They were a tight nit group of players, all who knew one another, and fought with skill, speed, and vigor. TXF members were the army of AHAZI.

    Soon after the NGE hit TXF grew to over 500 members, and was starting to fall apart. Though that was not the fault of the guild it self, it was the server. The guild was strong still, and entered into a series of guild wars, and epic PvP battles. Later the developers of SWG decided to add in a war zone titled simply "Restuss", it was a beautiful city that was overcome by war, and was targeted for destruction. TXF was there to greet the whirlwind, they entered the city time and time again, and came out victorious. It was a force to be reckoned with, Rebels were afraid to enter the city when TXF members were online.

    The guild was prospering once again, however the leadership was having problems. Ravix, one of the three leaders of TXF was for the most part, dealing with the guild of over 500 players. He got into an argument with the leadership and left TXF, followed by close to two hundred members. The guild went downhill from there.

    At first, they all went to join various guilds, but eventually the server died down. Ravix formed a new guild named Holy'. This guild was formed of a group of PvPers that were above all the others, it was truly the first "elite" PvP guild. Their exploits were heard far and wide, they were renown for their exceptional medics, and eventually became a medic only guild.

    The guild leader quit, and the guild was stolen by a player named Zende. When the guild leader returned, he found him self guildless and on Lok. He ran into an old friend of his named T'ear, who was also a leader of their previous guild (TXF). T'ear suggested we form a new guild, Ravix agreed and two hours later after much debate over the name, AEGIS was born as Praetorianus Decerto (Emperors Valiant Royal Guardians).

    Soon after the guild was formed, AEGIS grew at an amazing speed, members were flocking to the new guild of two old legends. Rebels and Imperials alike were leaving their guilds, and joining the guild. Under very strict rules, AEGIS became a superpower. They were all war hardened players, who have been through many rigorous battles. The guild then proved it was worth all of the hype when it took on LVN, KOTNR, and TEC in a large guild war. Outnumbered and outgunned AEGIS destroyed every enemy combatant they went up against. The guild grew fast, and died down just as rapidly.

    T'ear and Ravix both decided to quit SWG, and agreed to pass leadership to Lepha. Lepha being a long time friend, and also veteran of TXF, was glad to take the guild. He held it, and kept it strong for months. Ravix returned, and was glad to let lepha keep the guild. It was his turn to have the glory of being guild leader of AEGIS. AEGIS continued to go through war after war, and gain reputation. The guild was a huge success.

    Ravix and lepha both find they have more pressing issues to deal with in real life, and agree to pass the guild to a friend, and refugee from the rebel side, he was a veteran player, and very good at leading, his name was Bicrast.

    Bicrast took the guild in a different direction, due to the declining population of the guilds home server. AEGIS had some rough spots, but eventually turned into a PvE Juggernaut. They are looking to expand it back into a PvP superpower, and the future is bright for SWG's AEGIS.

    AEGIS has since then expanded into multiple games, meeting new friends, and new allies wherever they go. From Planetside, to Exteel, they grow, and falter like good guilds all do. With the ever expanding future of the guild; Strength, Honor, and the hunger for battle will all ways drive us.

    We hope to expand the guild into many other games, and are all ways looking for people that are happy to lead, and help with the efforts.


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