AEGIS Guild History Vol.II


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    AEGIS Guild History Vol.II

    Post  Ravix on Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:46 am

    Over the past few years AEGIS has gone over some seriously bumpy roads, but recently it has come back, and with force. In early 2009 AEGIS members started playing odd games all over the internet and reporting back to the leaders about their findings in the Æ expansion effort. These members found hidden gems such as Warhammer online, and League of legends. With the encouragement of members to join games, and recruit players AEGIS expanded rapidly. However while expanding the other games that AEGIS took part in started to face dire straights. Star Wars Galaxies, AEGIS's original game, found it self starting to die out, and with the help of Bicrast and Snira, it was being rejuvenated. However the guild did take a turn for the worse in late 2009 when differing opinions drove a rift right down the ranks of the guild. AEGIS leaders intervened to try to quell the problems, but to no success.

    AEGIS in SWG was disbanded, and all of the members left for either our sister guild of Drakul Assassins, or went rebel and formed the guild Wolf. Soon after, most of the AEGIS leaders stopped playing SWG, for greener pastures, such as the launch of League of Legends. Æ members gained skill, and crushed their enemies with ferocious strength. After months of domination with key players, AEGIS incorporated League of Legends into its list of games.

    One of the AEGIS leaders decided to start playing a PvP oriented game called Warhammer Online. Soon after, the leader invited other AEGIS members to contribute to the cause, and try the game. Many of them loved it. With the fast paced large scale pvp, it seemed that AEGIS members once again found their niche. The leaders then started a guild called Praetorianus Decerto.

    Shortly before AEGIS members started flooding to Warhammer Online, a good friend, long time ally and once member of AEGIS required help to crush opposition of an overwhelming enemy on Star Wars Galaxies. Many of the old members from other games, and Leaders of AEGIS logged back into SWG for another go. To their surprise they found that the game had quite a bit of good PvP, and they started playing the game once again. After a few days of fighting with old school players, the leaders of the sister guild "Drak" had a conference, and decided it would be a great idea to incorporate AEGIS back into SWG. So on Friday April 30th 2010 Drak was merged into AEGIS.

    For as long as we play, we will PvP.


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